Ways of Playing Bingo

Bingo is a fun, easy game that anyone can learn to play with very little difficulty. The object of the game is to connect five numbers in a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical row. Every player has at least one Bingo card, and each number and corresponding letter is called out one at a time. If you have a corresponding square on your card, you may mark it.

There are also different ways of playing Bingo. Blackout or cover-all Bingo is played when the goal is to cover every square on your card. If the object of the game is to play 4 corners, then you must be the first to cover the two corners under the B's and two under the O's.

So here are some different ways of playing Bingo:

Some other ways of playing Bingo are with letter shapes. Some letters that can be played are an X shape with two diagonals crossing the board, a T which is a full top row and a full center column, and an L shape which is comprised of a full first column and full bottom row. Other letters can be played as well by filling the correct squares to complete the design. Another way of playing bingo is that it uses chips in order to get a row of five numbers. These numbers are randomly selected some what like a lottery. Another way would be to get a diagonal line, other way would be to achieve an up and down line. However these are just ways to achieve Bingo. Another way to play bingo would be to use pictures instead of numbers. In many different elementary schools Bingo is used to educate young learners. Pictures of animals help these young learners to identify the difference in animals. Another way would be basic words. This also helps in the recognition of what a young learner would identify as sight words. Sight words would include words such as cat, fat, rat, that, mat, etc. Bingo has been an American tradition for years. Many older Americans play Bingo for money. That is how many people pay their bills. Many country clubs offer bingo as a recreational sport. As well as nursing homes.

It's also fun to learn the patterns on the bingo card. If the caller has identified a pattern game, it will often be flashed on the board for the players to see. This will help you to remember what pattern you are trying to achieve.The most important part of the game is to call 'Bingo' when you have achieved the goal of the game. Your card possible winning card will be checked to see if you have won.